Concerts, Musicals, Theater
Small and Medium Sized Applications, Mobile Applications, Trade Fairs
Sports Events
Indoor Areas, Fixed Installations, Night Clubs, Clubs
Large-scale Events
Art Projects, Laser Mapping, Illumination, Multimedia
Amusement Parks
Outdoor, Sky- and Landmark
Himmel unter Berlin
Requiem / The Lost Ones
Twitch in the Landscape
Satellarium III
Another Moon
Symbiotic Seeing
Fountain Scan by Robert Henke
Prolight & Sound 2019
30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall
Christmas Garden Berlin
The Legend Of Pangu
Baden State Theater Karlsruhe
Cos/Sin Installation by Robert Henke
Latent Being
100 Years of Bauhaus Weimar
Winter Olympics 2018
Berlin shines 2018
Illuminale Trier 2018
Road Technology Days 2018
Generali Tower Milan 2018
Fusion Festival 2018
Lost in Space'
RTI NEO SIX Laserinstallation at Club TAXX Shanghai
Interference 2018
IAA 2017
National Opera and Ballet Sofia
Lasergrid for ballet performance
Lasermapping of the Nyerere Bridge Kigamboni, Tansania
RTI NEO SIX at Ministry of Sound in London
Phosphor 2017
Prolight & Sound 2016
Dalong Tower in China
Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
Eastern Sunrise
Deep Web 2016
Global Rainbow
European Games 2015
Prolight & Sound 2015
Laserinstallation at Oxford with a RTI PIKO Showlaser
Lumière II 2015
Berlin shines 2014
Festival of Lights 2014
Laser projections in honor of Nelson Mandela
Prolight & Sound 2014
CES Las Vegas 2014
History of Soest 2014
Lighting Events in Northern Germany 2014
25 years fall of the Berlin Wall 2014
Wings of Time
Destructive Observation Field
White Architecture No. 1
First Step on the Moon
Universiade Kasan 2013
Berlin shines 2013
Festival of Lights 2013
Laser installation at Rama VIII Bridge in Bangkok, Thailand
Laserinstallation with a RTI NANO in Helsinki
Marseille - Capital of Culture 2013
Club M2 at Shanghai with RTI PIKO Lasern
FLUIDIC - Sculpture in Motion
Lumière I 2013
Fragile Territories
Festival of Lights 2012
EXPO 2012 in South Korea
Laser above Vladivostok
Udo Lindenberg Tour 2012
Cosmic Gate 2012 - The Palladium Hollywood, Los Angeles
Disneyland Paris
Allianz Arena Munich
Universiade Shenzhen 2011
Festival of Lights 2011
Prolight & Sound 2011
National Day Parade Singapore 2011
Laser on Horn Loudspeakers
Multimedia Show in Wuhu
Festival of Lights 2010
Prolight & Sound 2010
H2O World Tour 2010
Disneyland Resort Anaheim
Musical Adam & Eva
World Concert Tour by RAIN
BLITZ Stages at Tresor
syn chron
Flying Laser
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