syn chron

Artwork of Sound, Light and Architecture by Carsten Nicolai

Venue Type:
Art Projects
2005 / 2006
Berlin, DE Bern, CH Singapore, SN Yamaguchi, JP
Device use:

6 x laser show contollers “Lasergraph DSP compact”
6 x remote laser projectors “Accurate”
6 x color control systems “Color it!”
6 x fiber optics
3 x mobile optical benches

Project Description

The visual artist and musician Carsten Nicolai had conceived of a mobile space that serves as acoustic body, resonating space and laser projection surface all at once – a crystalline architectural body whose translucent skin is the vehicle for both acoustic and optical events.

Exhibition places were Berlin (Germany), Bern (Switzerland), Singapore and Yamaguchi (Japan).

LaserAnimation Sollinger supported the realization of the art project by providing and installing the necessary laser show technology.

It was a great honor as well as a new challenge for LaserAnimation to support “syn chron”. An extensive preparation was necessary to combine the ideas of the artist with the technical possibilities of the laser equipment. In addition a comprehensive programming on the Lasergraph DSP was necessary for the exceptional laser application.

Our team had realized the complete laser installation as well as the technical controlling in all locations of the exhibition.



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