Lasermapping of the Nyerere Bridge Kigamboni, Tansania

Venue Type:
Outdoor, Sky- and Landmark
Daressalam, TZ
Device use:

4x NANO RGB 30

Project Description

The Nyerere Bridge in Kigamboni, Tanzania is illuminated by spectacular laser light effects every night due to a permanent installation. The laser systems used for this are 4 x RTI NANO RGB 30. The bridge is 680 meters long – a challenge for the lasers to accentuate the wire ropes of the suspension bridge with effects. However, RTI NANO lasers are made precisely for such outdoor installations and laser shows that go over longer distances. The larger projection distance is one reason why high-end products, such as those from the RTI NANO series, are used for the lighting and accentuation of the bridge: The devices combine the highest performance with a target accuracy and precision, so that even the thin wire ropes can be hit without errors.



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