CES Las Vegas 2014

Lasergrid for the Presentation of the new Laser Headlights on the Audi R18

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Large-scale Events
Indoor Areas, Fixed Installations, Night Clubs, Clubs
Small and Medium Sized Applications, Mobile Applications, Trade Fairs
Las Vegas, US
Device use:

Several laser systems:
BLITZ Lasergrid

Project Description

On the occasion of the CES 2014 in Las Vegas the FLASH ART® SHOW PRODUCTION COMPANY GmbH implemented an extraordinary laser installation for the presentation of the new “Laser Headlights” for Audi R18 (Audi AG) at this trade show.

A total of 32 blue laser beams formed an impressive laser grid providing a striking scene for this new feature.

LaserAnimation supported this project by providing the necessary laser technology – the “BLITZ Lasergrid”

Technical Implementation

32 laser units, each with a blue laser diode (445 nm, 1.5 W), were especially manufactured by us. They were installed individually in the wall resp. the ceiling and were powered and controlled centrally.
Each laser unit can be controlled via DMX and all are connected by DMX (daisy-chain). All necessary settings (key switch, interlock loop, DMX input) were done centrally on the supply unit which was especially developed for this purpose.

Another three laser projectors of our PHAENON series were also used for this presentation.



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