Marseille – Capital of Culture 2013

Venue Type:
Outdoor, Sky- and Landmark
Marseille, FR
Device use:

4 x RTI NANO 6 RYGCB 35R, 1 x NANO G72R, 1 x PIKO G24R

Project Description

As part of Marseille’s inaugural celebrations as European Capital of Culture 2013 on January 12th, a spectacular laser show was organized that delighted the spectators. The laser projectors of the RTI high-end series were placed on Mont Julien / Massif d’Etoile, near the municipality of Cadolive, 25 km north-east of Marseille. Six single beams were fired in different directions and were visible over a distance of more than 18 km, as shown in the photos. One beam was aimed at the Church of Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille, one at the tallest building in Marseille, the Tour CMA-CGM, another over the city of Marseille itself, yet another at the L’Etoile transmission tower in the Massif d’Etoile , one on the municipality of Belcodène further northeast of Cadolive and a last on a metro station near Belcodène.

Four RTI NANO 6 RYGCB 35R projectors, one RTI NANO G 72R and one RTI PIKO G 24R were used for the laser show. The RTI systems are particularly suitable for outdoor use and sky laser shows due to their high performance, their beam precision and their waterproof housing. The RTI NANO G 72R is particularly noteworthy as a rental system: with its output of 72 watts, its beam profile and divergence, it is the perfect laser for high-end applications.



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