Himmel unter Berlin

A Laser Installation by Margareta Hesse

Venue Type:
Art Projects
Berlin, DE
Device use:

Customized single-beam red modules

Project Description

As part of the exhibition “Himmel unter Berlin” March 21-April 10, 2022 in the former Bohemian Brewery in Berlin, Margareta Hesse showed two “light traps.”
Embedded in the barrel vault, the light sculptures created with red lasers invited viewers to explore their special immaterial “material.” The artificially generated technical hum sound filling the space did its part to draw visitors into the world of this association-charged, contradictory light. A light that behaves like an obstacle and in the first installation, when touched, makes the hand appear to be illuminated, while in the second – equipped with safety mechanisms – it immediately disappears when you try to touch it. At the same time, visitors influence the immersive installations through their interaction, when entire planes of rays disappear by touch or extreme points of light are created in the floor installation by touch.


Pictures: Margareta Hesse


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