Winter Olympics 2018

Laser Installation for Graduation

Venue Type:
Outdoor, Sky- and Landmark
Large-scale Events
Sports Events
Pyeongchang, KR
Device use:

7 x PHAENON X Pro RYGB 30000
2 x 15500 plus PHAENON AT
4 x PHAENON Basic
Lasergraph DSP

Project Description

Our longtime South Korean partner “Laser Witchery Production Inc.” has realized on occasion of the XXIII. Olympic Winter Games an elaborate laser installation in the Olympic Stadium of Pyeongchang.

A total of 13 PHAENON laser projectors together with 13 Lasergraph DSP show controllers have been used for the installation.

Technical Implementation

8 PHAENON projectors were installed on both sides of the slope which leads to the Olympic Flame and 5 projectors PHAENON X 30000 units with built-in Lasergraph DSP boards were placed on the central platform in the middle of the stadium


Pictures: Fotos / Video: © Laser Witchery Production


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