Satellarium III

An Interactive Audiovisual Installation by Ephemeral Tomorrow

Venue Type:
Outdoor, Sky- and Landmark
Art Projects
Berlin, DE

Project Description

Satellarium III was an interactive audiovisual laser installation presented by the artist collective Ephemeral Tomorrow in the park in front of Nowhere Berlin. Satellarium III, a live podcast and series of musical performances, tracked orbiting space objects passing over the venue in real time. These objects were displayed as large-scale laser projections. The project was presented as part of the “Limited Sky” event in Berlin. The event was sponsored by Draussenstadt.

Technical Implementation

The PHAENON BLIZZARD laser systems were controlled via AVB. The visuals were created in Touchdesigner.


Pictures: Ephemeral Tomorrow (Asako Fujimoto, Maxime Lethelier, Riccardo Torresi)


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