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Grating Modul
For polar light and other laser effects

Grating Modul

For polar light and other laser effects

This high-quality component makes a laser projector far more versatile. In addition to classic beams and graphics, a projector with an integrated grating module can create attractive laser patterns that enable breathtaking effects not only on the projection screen but especially in the room. With grating, rooms are flooded with lasers, figures constantly change shape and colors, and the medium of lasers is wonderfully showcased.

The control of a built-in Grating module is done via DMX, either externally by a connected DMX light console or internally by a Lasergraph DSP compact Mark 2 (option) built into the projector.

Inside the projector, the grating module is mounted in front of the scanners.
The main component is two stepper motor-controlled wheels, each equipped with three different high-quality gratings (optical gratings) through which projection takes place.
The individual gratings can rotate independently and are automatically positioned at a predefined angle. Similar to the prism effect, they multiply a laser image and create a specific pattern or beam effect depending on the type of grating.

The two wheels are equipped with the following glass gratings as standard:

  • Wheel 1: GWT-2 (grid), Machado (ultra fine line), SCNT (frost effect)
  • Wheel 2: GXT-1 (grid), LWT-2 (line), Lumia (veil effect)

In addition, we offer two glass gratings, which can be mounted instead of a standard grating, depending on your needs:

  • Lumia narrow (narrower veil effect)
  • Stargate
Control Modes

DMX, LA.toolbox


  • DMX controlled
  • Grid WT creates a centrally concentrated pattern, e.g. in a graphic projection.
  • Machado creates a fine line that fans out a beam in different colors, creating a great effect in the room.
  • SCNT generates many small stars in a graphic.
  • Grid XT can generate a graphic pattern with large figures, for example.
  • Line – Effective e.g. for a graphic to be displayed in a line.
  • Lumia is a special laser effect that creates veil-like figures.
  • Lumia narrow creates finer veil-like figures that are slightly narrower overall.
  • Stargate can effectively fill a room with a graphic pattern or beam.
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