Amusement Parks

Amusement park operators have always relied on the use of laser projectors and laser systems, as laser installations can highlight amusement park attractions in a versatile and variable way. The areas of application of RGB lasers or even single-color lasers in amusement parks are diverse. For example, laser systems can be used to project laser graphics. This includes individual laser projections such as logos, patterns, texts, etc., which can be projected onto surfaces with lasers. In addition, amusement park lasers can be used to create very specific moods together with fog, haze or even water. Park visitors can thus be included in the laser show or multimedia show. Powerful laser devices can also be used in amusement parks as landmark lasers or skylasers to beam laser beams into the night sky and create light markers visible from afar or to mark certain park attractions. Not all laser projectors are suitable for use in amusement parks, as they must meet many requirements. Laser systems from LaserAnimation Sollinger have been and are frequently used in amusement parks and park attractions, either for short-term laser shows or as permanent laser installations. In addition to the lasers themselves, LaserAnimation offers special weatherproof housings that reliably protect the laser projectors from harsh weather conditions or environmental influences. Laser software for controlling and programming the lasers or entire laser shows is also part of LaserAnimation Sollinger’s product portfolio.

0 W - 600 W
0 W - 200 W
0 W - 6 W
-0.5 W - 170 W
-0.2 W - 280 W


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