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Extremely powerful full color laser system


Extremely powerful full color laser system

The RTI NANO 120 stretches the physical boundaries of current show laser light technology: With 120W and professional scanners with 38 kpps @ 8° ILDA; 25kpps at a maximum deflection of 48° it claims a class for its own. The 120W full color laser system is powered by three high-precision laser modules built with the latest generation of the maintenance free RTI Semiconductor Laser (RSL) technology. With these high powers per color channel it is no problem to create colored beams that are visible from many kilometers away. But the RTI NANO 120 is also graphics capable: Projections to far distance surfaces, like mountains or tall buildings, can be done as well as astonishing aerial effects that cover a huge area. Typical applications for this unit are sky laser or landmark laser use, long distance and large scale projections towards big surfaces, but it can also be THE special effect for any type of large scale event. The RTI NANO 120 comes with its own active cooling system to make sure that the output and performance of the laser system can always be kept on a top professional level. The integrated AC keeps the temperature of all critical parts at a constant level, independently of the environmental conditions, which allows for operation of the laser system between -20° and +60° C. The AC unit is integrated to the housing, so no additional external devices are required, which makes transport, handling and mounting quite easy for the power level of this unit. The intelligent LaserAnimation Sollinger Mainboard is integrated into the laser projector, which provides the laser operator with a variety of control and setting options (e.g. via the LA.toolbox) or transmission options (such as AVB). Together with the ShowNET laser mainboard, which is also integrated, ILDA, LAN (software), DMX and ArtNET control, ILDA streaming, stand-alone operation, among others, are available, ensuring the highest possible flexibility. Even though the RTI NANO 120 creates such extreme laser powers, the size of the laser beam as well as the divergence is kept extremely low, so it is possible to use small scanner mirrors for fast, professional graphics display. It also maintains a very low widening of the beam over distance (divergence), which makes the laser beam travel over longer distances and keeps up visibility: With a divergence of only 0.9 mrad the RTI NANO 120 is truly outstanding at the power it provides. Due to its energy efficient design, the RTI NANO 120 only requires a 3 phase 16A CEE power connection, with an overall maximum power consumption of only 6 kW.


Wavelength 638-639 nm 520-530 nm 445-450 nm
NANO 120 120 30 50 60
Control Modes

AVB / TSN interface for streaming ILDA data via Ethernet, AIFF player function, stand-alone player, ILDA, DMX / ArtNET, control software “LA.toolbox” for PC or Mac included, LAN (software) with ShowNET DAC

38 kpps ILDA 8°, 25kpps @ max. 48°
0,9 mrad
Beam Specs
10 mm
L 110,0 cm x W 80,0 cm x H 130,0 cm
130 kg
IP Rating
Scope of Delivery
power cable, manual, keys, interlock; LA.toolbox control software included
*FWHM average depending on model


  • 120 W full color laser, including white
  • High performance scanners of 38 kpps @ 8° ILDA; 25 kpps at max. deflection of 48°
  • Divergence only 0.9 mrad
  • Latest RSL module technology, maintenance free modules
  • Integrated intelligent LaserAnimation Sollinger Mainboard and ShowNET Laser Mainboard
  • Control via “LA.toolbox” software (electronic mask, color correction, DGC (Digital Geometric Correction), laser disable); software included in delivery
  • AVB interface for streaming ILDA data via Ethernet
  • Built-in air conditioning, can be used from -20° to +60°C
  • Variable mounting options, rainproof housing
  • Great for skylaser, mountain projections, long distance projections, multimedia project use, or any other long throw, high visibility use
  • FB4-QS MAX integration optional

ShowNET Mainboard Features

Each RTI PIKO and NANO device is delivered with a ShowNET laser mainboard as standard. This means it has a multitude of control features already built-in: Control via DMX or ArtNET, just like a normal lighting fixture, are possible as well as computer control via ILDA or LAN. Of course the laser can be run in stand-alone operation, too. The contents for playback (for DMX, ArtNET, Stand-Alone, etc.) can be fully customized.
DMX / ArtNET control
ShowNET can be easily controlled by DMX / ArtNET for convenient laser control via conventional lighting consoles or lighting software.
Custom ILDA files can be stored on the internal SD card of the ShowNET and can then be triggered via DMX / ArtNET. Although the ShowNET already has a preset of frames and animations, all content can be customized.
ShowNET has an integrated ArtNET node, so lasers with integrated ShowNET as mainboard can be easily connected via LAN cable.
Stand-alone laser operation
The automatic/stand-alone mode plays the ILDA files from the SD card. The entire set of files is played in sequence. It is also possible to play only a single file via a setting change. The files can be selected individually.
DAC / Interface for software
ShowNET can also serve as a direct output DAC for the professional laser show control software Showcontroller: Simply connect the laser and computer to a standard network/Ethernet infrastructure and use Showcontroller with ShowNET as the DAC. Showcontroller license dongles are available from your dealer.
ILDA streaming is the real-time signal transmission of an ILDA signal via a combination of transmitter and receiver over a network (LAN).
It is possible to use the ShowNET interfaces as transmitters or receivers for ILDA streaming. While the external ShowNET devices can act as both transmitters and receivers, the internal ShowNET interfaces focus on receiver functionality. receivers, the internal ShowNET interfaces focus on receiver functionality.
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