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High-performance RGB sky projector

The RTI ANGO systems form a series of ultra-high power lasers whose laser beams are highly visible even over long distances, enabling exceptional applications.
The RTI ANGO projectors are full color, analog modulated laser systems with an extremely thin and low divergent beam. They are equipped with the latest high precision laser module technology of RTI. With a CW output power of 300W RGB (RTI ANGO 300) resp. 600W RGB (RTI ANGO 600), the ANGO systems are extreme in many ways – not only in power, but also in the ability to deflect the beam. The individual outputs per color source are well balanced to ensure that the color mixture is balanced and homogeneous over long distances. The divergence of only 1.0 mrad* with a beam diameter at the laser aperture of only 75 – 100 mm (depending on the model) means that the intensity of the lasers is maintained over very long distances. Each RTI ANGO is equipped with a special mirror to deflect and precisely position the beam on the x and y axis. The movement of the beam can precisely be controlled via DMX / ArtNET. To ensure that the ANGO laser systems can withstand adverse weather conditions, they are equipped with active air conditioning for precise temperature control and a robust, rainproof housing. With the air conditioner, the specified operating temperature range for the RTI ANGOs is from -5 to +50°C. To protect the laser outlet window from getting dirty and to provide better protection in case of rain, a specially designed movable outlet chamber is attached to the unit, which reduces maintenance to a minimum. Due to the powerful built-in air conditioning, the RTI ANGOs require a 16A CEE 3-phase connection while consuming only 7500W. The laser unit can optionally be operated separately from the cooling unit up to a distance of 10 meters via connecting elements. The RTI ANGO DUAL Extension Kit is required for this.


Wavelength 638-639 nm 520-530 nm 445-450 nm
ANGO 300 300 100 85 140
ANGO 600 600 200 170 280
Control Modes


movable X/Y-deflection unit with 16bit resolution
1,0 mrad
Beam Specs
75 mm, 100 mm
L 158,4 cm x W 80,2 cm x H 178,0 cm
380 kg
IP Rating
Scope of Delivery
power cable, Interlock, keys
*FWHM average depending on model


  • extreme laser power of 300 W resp. 600 W
  • analogue modulated multicolor system, including white
  • moving beam with X/Y deflection
  • up to 350° projection angle for tilt
  • weatherproof housing, IP65
  • with active built-in air conditioning
  • RTI ANGO DUAL Extension Kit (length: 10 meters) optionally available
  • Weights: RTI ANGO: 355 kg (net) / RTI ANGO Dual: 380 kg (net)


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