The Legend Of Pangu

A Multimedia Show

Venue Type:
Outdoor, Sky- and Landmark
Large-scale Events
Lanzhou, CN

Project Description

The Legend of Pangu is a multimedia show in the city of Lanzhou in China. With an impressive interplay of architecture, light and laser effects, the myth of Pangu, who created heaven and earth, is brought to life and the whole place is transformed into an immersive experience.

Technical Implementation

The show design, direction and production of this immersive and overwhelming show has been done by the ECA2 group, who has been made the impossible possible! They created new technology solutions such as the double-curve cascade screen for the video projection and the Jet Fog, a projection screen made of mist and smoke for laser, light and video effects.


Pictures: ECA2, Julien Panié, Chistophe Bernard


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