Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Hengqin Island Amusement Park in Zhuhai, China

Venue Type:
Outdoor, Sky- and Landmark
Amusement Parks
Insel Hengqin, CN
Device use:

13 x PHAENON RGB Basic 3500 with built-in grating module and Lasergraph DSP PCB Playback
1 x Lasergraph DSP travel Mark 2

Project Description

In this amusement park on Hengqin Island in Zhuhai (PR China), a total of 13 laser projectors from our PHAENON RGB Basic series were permanently installed on the floor of a float, which drives through the park as a “polar ship” during the evening parade.

Technical Implementation

A grating module and a Lasergraph DSP PCB with playback license are built into each projector. Laser show control is via network with a Lasergraph DSP travel with Mark 2 license.
All projectors are integrated in a special sealed stainless steel housing, so they are protected against dust and splash water.
Our partner Lumalaser from the USA has executed this elaborate installation together with our Chinese partner Laser Phantom.


Pictures: D. Müller


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