Udo Lindenberg Tour 2012

Laser on Tour with Udo Lindenberg

Venue Type:
Concerts, Musicals, Theater
Indoor Areas, Fixed Installations, Night Clubs, Clubs
Device use:

2 x PHAENON RGB 11500 1 x BLITZ Basic 5 W grün

Project Description

Laser projectors from our company were part of the technical equipment of the Udo Lindenberg tour in March 2012 under the motto “Ich mach mein Ding”.
Our partner LKE Lasershow-Technik from Würzburg accompanied the tour as technical equipment supplier.

Eleven different venues in Germany experienced the famous artist, his Panik Orchestra and his guests in a gigantic show. An experienced team of technicians from various trades ensured that all effects – kinetics, laser, light, pyro, sound and video – interacted perfectly, making every performance by Udo and Co. a ” killer” for eyes and ears.

Operator / Laser Technology: Dirk Müller



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