Limited Sky

Audiovisuelle, interaktive Installation

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Art Projects
Carrara, IT
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Project Description

Nowadays, while there are about 2,000 active satellites orbiting Earth, there are also 3,000 dead ones littering space. How this former unoccupied space is being taken over serves as a mirror to reflect about our habits in our daily environment.
The collective Ephemeral Tomorrow dedicated an audiovisual interactive installation as well as a performance to this topic.
While the installation, Satellarium III, tracks in real time space objects that fly above the location of the event and represent them with a dynamic visual laser projection and immersive soundscape in the urban space.
The “Limited Sky” audiovisual performance was created as an extension of the installation work, unfolding a narrative extrapolation out of the data driven visuals. With the representation of the live tracking data of the satellites as a starting point, the performance clear them out of the screen made sky, for a reset of space occupation by humankind and a hypothetical exploration of the universe.
The performance begins with the projected acceleration of the orbiting satellites’ growth, leading to the collapse of the system and the throwback to a renewed sky, empty of any human activity. This blank space takes us into a 30 minute exploration of different aspects of the universe, mixing scientific knowledge and a related poetic interpretation.

Technical Implementation

The visualization of the live tracking data of the satellites on a screen served as the starting point for the performance. For the control Ephemeral Tomorrow used TOUCHDESIGNER in combination with IDN.

Originally, the installation was created in 2021 in Berlin for an outdoor event with 4 BLIZZARD laser projectors. This latest installation combines laser and video projections.

The Ephemeral Tomorrow collective chose the PHAENON accurate due to the ease of integration between TOUCHDESIGNER and IDN protocol, the high quality and transportability of the laser system.
Project conception and realization: Ephemeral Tomorrow
Event organization: Vox Marmoris
Photo credits: Leo Bert | Maxime Lethelier


Pictures: Leo Bert | Maxime Lethelier


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