Time Line

A laser beam as timeline of our solar system in the universe

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Outdoor, Sky- and Landmark
Art Projects
Longyearbyen, SJ
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Project Description

“Time Line” was a short-term art project realized by Jessica MacMillan in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, in November / December 2021.
MacMillan used a 10-watt green PHAENON X Blitz from LaserAnimation to create a single beam that marked the exact direction in which our solar system moves in space. The laser beam was aimed at the solar apex which is located between the constellations of Lyra and Hercules in the northern sky. It marks the direction the sun is traveling on the Milky Way Galaxy.

The decision to use a green laser system for this project was made with the background that green is particularly visible and above all because it is very close to the color of the aurora borealis.
During the realization unique pictures and videos were made. Apart from the green single laser beam also auroras could be seen in the night sky.

Technical Implementation

Jessica MacMillan’s decision to use a monochrome green PHAENON X Blitz with a laser output of 10 watts came after intensive consultation with Michael Sollinger. It was important to use a laser system that not only creates a steady, powerful laser beam, but that can also withstand extreme environmental conditions, such as the icy outdoor temperatures. At the same time, a set budget should not be exceeded.

The telescope mount, including the laser, was in turn placed in a specially erected protective housing with a movable roof structure, similar to a small observatory, which was able to withstand the harsh weather conditions on Svalbard.

Artist: Jessica MacMillan
Video: Jannicke Mikkelsen
Photo: Preben Irgens
Host institution: Artica Svalbard
Curated by: Office for Contemporary Art Norway, OCA


Pictures: Artwork © Jessica MacMillan / Photo: Preben Irgens


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