Audiovisual Laser Installation by Robert Henke

Venue Type:
Art Projects
Gijon, ES
Device use:

2 x PHAENON X Pro RYGB 30000

Project Description

Fall is a small village in Upper Bavaria. The inhabitants of Fall were resettled for the construction of the Sylverstein water reservoir in the 1950s. The old village sank into the reservoir when the valley was flooded.
In 2015, the Sylverstein reservoir experienced extremely low water. The ruins of the old village reappeared. This image of the foundation walls of the sunken place that have become visible have inspired R. Henke for his installation. With the electronic sounds created by R. Henke for this purpose, an impressive audiovisual synthesis of the sinking and emergence of the village of Fall was created for the visitors.

Technical Implementation

Centered in a room of the Centro de Arte Laboral in Gijon hung a ten-meter-wide cubic structure consisting of 180 thin-walled transparent squares. Two laser projectors were used to project constantly changing shapes onto it, illuminating the entire structure and the walls behind it in such a way as to create the impression of flowing water.


Pictures: Robert Henke


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