Software Updates
New release of proTize converter: bug fixes and increased performance
We are pleased to announce the release of a new software update for LaserAnimation Sollinger’s proTize converter. This update brings not only bug fixes but also significant performance improvements. A bug that could cause a crash when using softblanking with a MinDist value of 0.000 was identified and fixed in this update. A notable improvement ...
Software Updates
News for Lasergraph DSP Users
We have recently released the latest Lasergraph DSP software update with updated release notes and revised user manual. All files are available for download. Besides some, smaller changes, there are two major new features that we would like to highlight: 1. The Digital Geometric Correction (DGC) is now adjustable via numeric input: this very new ...
Software Updates
LA.toolbox - explained in details
In this second video from the LA.toolbox video series, Richard Schäfer, Sales Director of LaserAnimation Sollinger, explains in detail the many features and advantages of LA.toolbox. In a step-by-step guide, we show you how easy it is to remotely set and monitor the connected projectors. Follow the link, to watch the full video on our ...
LA.toolbox introduction Video on YouTube
Software Updates
New Video Series "LA.toolbox"
With a new video series on our YouTube channel, we would like to bring the LA.toolbox closer to our customers. Richard Schäfer, Sales Director of LaserAnimation Sollinger, explains in a first short video what the LA.toolbox is, how it is installed and how it works. The video also answers questions about how LA.toolbox communicates, what ...
Software Updates
New Lasergraph DSP System Software Release available
The Lasergraph DSP System Software Release for Lasergraph DSP Mark 2 can be downloaded here (“System Software”). There you will also find the new DSP Release Notes.
Software Updates
New proTize converter Release
The new release of proTize converter 2022/09/12 fixes bugs and security issues within the 3rd-party libraries.It also improves the compatibility with Windows 11. All users of proTize converter are recommended to update to the new version. Download proTize converter 2022/09/12
Software Updates
New LGRemote-Release
There is a new release for LGRemote with the following changes: The ‘External Connect’ mechanism now also supports OSC. LGServer: Minor GUI changes. Bugs and security issues within the 3rd-party libraries have been fixed. Advanced explanation about “External Connect” via OSC: If in “Modes” “External Connect” is activated, LGRemote can be connected via OSC to ...
New Products
Launch of the RTI ANGO
A new laser system from the RTI brand was presented to the public for the first time after LaserAnimation Sollinger had taken over Ray Technologies GmbH with its RTI brand. The new RTI ANGO 600 impresses with its extreme RGB -An incredible 600 watts of full color laser power. The high-performance laser with analog modulation ...
Company news
LaserAnimation Sollinger takes over RTI
LaserAnimation Sollinger GmbH has acquired another leading manufacturer of the show laser industry: Ray Technologies GmbH. Ray Technologies better known by its brand RTI, and LaserAnimation Sollinger complement each other both in product portfolio, market segments, research and development. How did this acquisition come about? Both LaserAnimation Sollinger and Ray Technologies are internationally well known ...
Software Updates
Updates for Lpv Creator and Lpv Player available
In addition to bug fixes and security updates, up to 16 channels can now be visualized with the new release. Click here to download Lpv Creator and Lpv Player.
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