Disneyland Paris

Multimediashow "Disney Dreams"

Venue Type:
Outdoor, Sky- and Landmark
Amusement Parks
Large-scale Events
Paris, FR

Project Description

The European “Disneyland” close to Paris celebrated its 20th birthday in 2012, of course, with many novel attractions.
One highlight is the new impressive evening show “Disney Dreams” at Sleeping Beauty Castle, where visitors can immerse themselves in the most beautiful Disney stories in an enchanting show of colors, lights, laser projections, water features and fireworks.
The PHAENON systems as well as the laser projector “Second Star” provided the laser effects every evening during the entire Spectacle. The “Second Star” shone in crisp yellow from the tower of the castle.

Technical Implementation

Our partner Laser System Europe LSE from Belgium was responsible for the extensive laser installation on site.


Pictures: Disneyland Paris, all rights reserved; photosmagiques


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