Festival of Lights 2011

TV Tower at Alexander Square

Venue Type:
Outdoor, Sky- and Landmark
Large-scale Events
Device use:

2 x PHAENON laser projectors
2 x Lasergraph DSP
1 x PHAENON laser projector
1 x Lasergraph DSP

Project Description

A graphic show was projected onto the impressive tower at predefined intervals. Two PHAENON AT laser projectors mounted on the roof of the base building had provided the required laser power.
Using the immense height of the tower as a surface for laser projections was especially challenging. However, our team of laser designers mastered this challenge excellently. A selection of fitting graphics, constantly changing shape and color, showed one of the most famous landmarks of the city in a completely new light, as the pictures and a video demonstrate.

The public resonance was very positive, many visitors immensely enjoyed this laser show and also the online editon of the German magazine “Zeit” has recognized this laser performance.

2011 was the 125th birthday of the famous Kurfürstendamm – an opportunity for the installations presented as part of the festival to celebrate this anniversary accordingly.
The history of the Berlin boulevard was told in laser pictures on the “Europa Center” on Budapester Strasse. On the side of the famous “Kudamm Karree” facing the street, a laser version of the legendary game classic “Tetris” could be admired.

Technical Implementation

Two laser projectors installed on the roof of the platform building at the TV tower provided the necessary laser power. A special challenge was to use the immense height of the tower as a projection surface for laser graphics.



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