The ILDA Viewer is useful to watch “ILDA Image Data Transfer” files on Windows or macOS without the need of a laser show controller.


ILDA Viewer 2021/08/26 Installer
System requirements:
Windows 7/8.1/10/11

ILDA Viewer 2021/08/26 Disk Image
System requirements:
Mac OS X 10.10 or later


ILDA Viewer 2021/08/26

LGTimecode is used to display Net Timecode.

Net Timecode is a UDP broadcast based timecode that allows multiple devices to be synchronized with a minimal amount of configuration.

LGTimecode 2021/07/07 Installer
System requirements:
Windows 7/8.1/10/11

LGTimecode 2021/07/07 Disk Image
System requirements:
macOS 10.12 or later


LGTimecode 2021/07/07

Similar to known media players for videos this player allows to replay a complete laser show. 

The Lpv file format resembles other multi media formats e.g. AVI or MPEG. But it was especially developed for the preview of laser shows created by a Mark 2 / Lasergraph DSP show controller.


LpvPlayer 2022/05/10 Installer

System Requirements:

PC under Windows 7/8.1/10/11,
min. 512 MByte RAM,
min. 1 GHz processor,
OpenGL Support,
Sound card

Start a Lpv Show on Your PC:

TitelLpv Download
"The Difference" - Design & Music: St. Rieck TheDifference.lpvThe Difference
"The Tricky Book" - Produced with proTize max I Music: St. Rieck TheTrickyBook.lpvThe Tricky Book
"Burt the Turtle" - Produced with proTize max I Musik: St. Rieck BurtTheTurtle.lpvBurt The Turtle
"Lase Up"- Design & Music: St. Rieck LaseUp.lpvLase Up
"Just On Day" - Design: Living Lines I Music: St. Rieck JustOneDay.lpvJust One Day
"Just One Fly"- Design: Living Lines I Music: St. Rieck JustOneFly.lpvJust One Fly

Lpv Files for Visualization:

Note: These Lpv shows are not protected and can be used for visualization.

TitleLpv Download
"3-Channel-Beamshow" 3-Channel-Beamshow.lpv3-Channel-Beamshow
"LaserAnimation-Teaser" LaserAnimation-Teaser.lpvLaserAnimation-Teaser

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