Wings of Time

Multimedia Laser Show on Sentosa Island

Venue Type:
Outdoor, Sky- and Landmark
Amusement Parks
Large-scale Events
Insel Sentosa, SG
Device use:

4 x Full color laser projectors PHAENON X Pro (ROGB and OGB) each with 15 W included grating module. The orange laser sources gives a special warm look.

4 x Single color laser projectors BLITZ, installed 7 years ago for the show “Songs of the Sea” are used again and still in good shape.

Project Description

On the small island of Sentosa, a leisure paradise 10 km south of Singapore, the French company ECA2 realized a spectacular project with “Wings of Time”.

It is a permanent live show combining 3D video mapping with all other multimedia effects – pyrotechnics, water fountains, fire effects, light, sound and of course lasers.

Technical Implementation

The complete stage construction is located in the sea.
Eight triangles and a centrally arranged kite square serve as projection surfaces, mounted on a frame six meters above the water surface.
The arrangement of the individual surfaces corresponds to the wings of a bird, which acts as the central figure in the show.
The impressive laser effects within the show were designed by Claude Lifante.
Together with our Belgian sales partner LSE, we supported this project by providing the necessary laser technology. A total of eight laser projectors from our company are installed on site.


Pictures: ECA2, Julien Panié


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