Global Rainbow

An Expressive Laser Artwork by Yvette Mattern

Venue Type:
Outdoor, Sky- and Landmark
Art Projects
Berlin, DE
Device use:

Seven laser systems with a total laser power of over 118 watts

Project Description

A new set of technical equipment facilitates future installations. The Global Rainbow is made from 7 highly collimated, low divergence, powerful laser beams. The colors of the laser beams (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, light Blue, dark Blue, Purple) reflect Yvette Mattern’s choice.

The laser output power of each of the units is similar: this reflects the power distribution of natural rainbows (identical power in each wavelength band).

The colors are composed from primary colors as close as possible to the desired color. Because no complementary colors are used the resulting colors look very homogeneous.

Technical Implementation

The entire set consists of 7 separate laser units, one for each color. The units have identical dimensions. They are independent of each other and can be arranged in any desired manner.

Rainbow laser power: 118,400 mW

Rainbow wavelengths:

Red: 638 nm
Orange: 638 nm / 577 nm mixed
Yellow: 677 nm / 445 nm mixed
Green: 532 nm / 462 nm mixed
Light Blue: 488 nm / 462 nm mixed
Dark Blue: 445 nm
Purple: 638 nm / 445 nm mixed

Mechanics Design & Mentoring: Johannes Rengstorf, Lightforce Showlasertechnik


Pictures: Stephan Rieck Mauricio Gambarini


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