Sustainable management and long-term increase in value for our customers, our company, our employees and our partners - that is our goal.

LaserAnimation Sollinger can already look back on a successful history of more than 35 years. This is possible because, from the very beginning, emphasis was placed on factors such as quality, reliability, innovation, customer satisfaction and qualified employees. These factors form the basis for our economic success and excellent reputation. However, we are also aware that it is not enough to simply provide customers with high-quality products. Rather, it is the combination of various aspects of business relationships and the attempt to provide each individual customer with the best possible solution for his or her requirements. We are there for our customers even after the product has been handed over to them and offer support whenever required. Continuity is an essential part of our strategy. The company stands for this with a balanced portfolio of innovation, proven products, service and performance.


Our recipe for success is the motivation and know-how of our employees. The exemplary interaction of R & D with production enables the new development and manufacture of innovative products for a demanding market.

In-house: Development & Processing
From prototype to series

LaserAnimation Sollinger stands for quality and reliability of its products. Important for this are the numerous components that we manufacture ourselves and which are built into our products. Starting with an idea, through a comprehensive, well thought-out and consistent design of individual components or entire assemblies, all the way to production is made inhouse. In our workshops in Berlin and Valley, we process high-quality materials into prototypes, components and final products. Our own CNC milling machines are available at both locations for this purpose. Long-standing, specialized employees implement even highly demanding tasks skillfully and goal-oriented.

Electronics, Optics, Precision Engineering
Precise, more precise, LaserAnimation
In our optoelectronic division, our qualified employees have comprehensive knowledge of optics, electronics and precision engineering. On top of that, precise work and a steady hand are essential. We place the highest importance on the proper choice of optical materials and absolutely precise processing in order to be able to guarantee the characteristic high quality of the red, green and blue laser modules that we manufacture.
Always energized
Our electrical development

The electronic components for our laser projectors, prototypes or, for example, for the extremely complex hardware platform of the Lasergraph DSP are largely developed and produced in-house. All together this reflects the successful symbiosis of development and manufacturing and gives us a clear competitive advantage. Our long-standing customers trust in the reliability and quality of our lasers, hardware and components.

Thats what our customers say

The perfect and highly stable LaserAnimation Sollinger products, which are made of carefully developed, high-quality components manufactured by experienced engineers, offer many adavantages. Even if 100 laser projectors are installed in one project, all laser projectors have the same fade-in and fade-out characteristics as well as the same scanner tuning. The laser projector monitoring software “”LA-Toolbox”” has advandec safety settings and precise status acquisition and can be safely operated by user and administrators. The innovations and the polite transparent communcation are the reason why I am captivated by LaerAnimation Sollinger products.

Yu Suzuki, Laser Show Ware, INC.

We searched throughout Europe for the best laser systems manufacturers and were extremely pleased and fortnate to have found LaserAnimation Sollinger. It was immediately evident that LaserAnimation has invested heavily in developing their in-house capabilities, allowing them to design, prototype and assemble highly complex and specialised systems almost entirely in-house: they have built up a vast amount of proprietary knowledge. Having worked with hundreds of supplier partners in my career, I can say with absolute certainty that LaserAnimation Sollinger posses all the characteristics that make them best in the class.

Daniel Siden, CEO Lightvert LTD.

I have been a very satisfied customer for many years, and my projects require high precision and 100% reliablity. I am pushing show laser technology to its limits, and my projects often even require custom built machines. LaserAnimation Sollinger turned out to be my dream partner. Whatever I come up with, they find a solution.

Robert Henke, Audiovisual Artist and Composer

LaserAnimation is by far the market leader in providing 1st class laser systems. What sets them apart are a number of things: build quality is fantastic, every laser is the same. The LaserAnimation team respond quickly and efficiently to requests for advice, service and party. Finally LaserAnimation is ahead in terms of innovation

Marc Webber, Director ER Productions

Made in Germany

We at LaserAnimation Sollinger are proud of the fact that our laser systems are exclusively manufactured in Germany and we have consciously decided against the general trend to transfer some or entire manufacturing steps to less expensive countries. This is the only way we can meet our own high standards as well as those of our customers to guarantee the outstanding quality and reliability of our products. The excellent teamwork between development, production and quality control at our two locations in Berlin and Bavaria help to ensure that every single product fully meets all expectations.



The LaserAnimation brand, with its laser systems, controllers, hardware and software products, stands for exceptional quality and flexibility offered to customers to meet their individual, customized requirements.

The RTI brand stands for the development and manufacture of laser components and professional laser systems, mainly in the high power range, while ensuring the highest quality standards.

Manufacturers and Distributors

  • Lumalaser
    Contact Person
    Tim Ziegenbein
    +1-541-6871 414
    84777 Charlottes Way
    97405 Eugene
    United States
  • Phantom Media
    Contact Person
    Sean Zhang
    +86-10-8278 1612
    Room 1011, Ming Liu Wei Lai Plaza, NO.18, JiaoMen, FengTai Dist
    CN-100068 Beijing
  • LaserAnimation ASIA Inc.
    Contact Person
    Yoshi Sato
    1-1-7-815, Karakida Tama 
    JP-206-0035 Tokyo
  • Laser System Europe
    Contact Person
    Patrick Awouters
    + 32-2-3311 102
    Av. de l'Industrie 24
    1440 Braine-l'Alleud
  • Laserconnection Berlin
    Contact Person
    Henrik Turzer
    +49-30-7875 669
    Kiefholzstraße 402
    12435 Berlin


M. Sollinger
M. Werner
C. Diem
Office Management
D. Mako
M. Wolf
A. Pokorny
R. Schäfer
O. Klein
S. Wittig
U. Butzke
R. Samardjiev
S. Bremer
K. Aust
H. Rehder
Th. Rothe
T. Ventzke
L. Morath
M. Mühlehner
W. Dekassian
A. Eirainer
J. Schnitzenbaumer
P. Ciecka
R. Eixenberger
S. Baumann
Ch. Süßkind
H. Dittrich
M. Hilscher
A. Hamdorf
K. Weidner
R&D & Production
S. Brunnauer
R&D & Production
F. Lust
R&D & Production
J. Luque
Th. Essenfelder

ILDA Awards

The International Laser Display Association “ILDA” usually holds a conference every year where laserists from around the world get together. This is mainly a trade fair for manufacturers of laser show equipment to present their new developments. Additionally seminars and workshops are offered which all conference participants can use for an intensive exchange of ideas. The high point of the two day event is the presentation of the ILDA Awards for outstanding laser show creations in different categories as well as groundbreaking new developments of laser display technology. More information on the ILDA website.

1. Place 2016
“Deep Web”, Category Laser Fine Art
Creation & Production: Ch. Bauder and R. Henke

3. Place 2016
“Empire State of Mind”, Category Beams/Atmospherics Show for a Single X-Y Scanner Pair
Laser Show Design: St. Rieck
Producer: F. Henning

1. Place 2015
“Nosferatu”, Category Graphics Show
Programming and Design: St. Rieck
Producer: F. Henning

1. Place 2015
“Destructive Observation Field”, Category Laser Photography
Artist: R. Henke
Photo: A.-K. Scheidegger

3. Place 2015
“Adventures”, Category Beams/Atmospherics Show for Multiple Scanner Projectors
Programming and Design: St. Rieck
Producer: F. Henning (Laserperformance)

3. Place 2014
“Major Tom”, Category Graphics Show
Graphic/Design: B. Verstraelen
Concept: J. Kleine

1. Place
“FLUIDIC – Sculpture in Motion”, Category Innovative Application
Creation and Production: WHITEvoid interactive & art design
Laserdesign: M. Sollinger

2. Place
“Fragile Territories”, Category Innovative Application
Creative Director: R. Henke

Honorable Mention 2012
“Classical Beats”, Category Beams / Atmospherics
Programming & Design: St. Rieck

1. Place 2012
“Festival of Lights”, Television tower, Categorie Laser Photography
Photographer: St. Rieck

2. Place 2012
“Adagio”, Category Beams / Atmospherics
Programmer St. Rieck

3. Place 2012
“Finowfurt 2011”, Category Beams / Atmospherics
Programmer: St. Rieck

3. Place 2012
“Saving Nody”, Category Laser show (including Multimedia)
Design & Programming: Stephan Rieck, Bas Verstraeien
Video Editing: D. Müller

3. Place 2012
“Allianz Arena”, Munich 201, Category Mulimedia show (including Lasers)
Designer & Programmer: M. Koslowski

1. Place 2011
“The Four Seasons”, Category Lasershow including Multimedia
Programming: J. Isermann Living Lines

ILDA Award
“Accurate BLITZ Stage”, Category: Advanced Technology

2. Place 2005
“Aral-Go for One 2004”, Category Corporate Graphics
Programming: St. Rieck

ILDA Award
“Accurate BLITZ Stage”, Category Technical Achievement

ILDA Award
“Blitz”, Category Technical Achievement

Finalist 2004
“The Tricky Book”, Category Entertainment Graphics Show
Programming: St. Rieck

1. Place 2003
“Burt the Turtle”, Category ISP Graphic Module
Programming: St. Rieck

Honorable Mention 2003
“El Baile”, Category Beams/Atmospherics
Programming: St. Rieck

ILDA Award
“Lpv” File Format, Category Technical Achievement

1. Place 2002
“Kiato”, Category ISP Beam Module
Programming: St. Rieck

1. Place 2002
“Elements”, Category ISP Graphic Module
Programming: St. Rieck

1. Place 2001
“Pacless”, Category Special Application
Programming: Ch. Süßkind

2. Place 2001
“The Bongo Show”, Category ISP Beam Module
Programming: St. Rieck

2. Place 2001
“The Sunshine Show”, Category ISP Graphic Module
Programming: St. Rieck

2. Place 2001
“Belle Nuit”,Category ISP Graphic Module
Programming: St. Rieck

3. Place 2001
“Operation Blade”, Category ISP Beam Module
Programming: St. Rieck

Honorable Mention 2001
“Metamorphosis”, Category ISP Computer Animation
Programming: J. Isermann

3. Place 2000
“Allegro No. 5”, Category ISP Beam Module
Programming: St. Rieck

1. Place 1999
“You’re Not Allone”, Category ISP Beam Module
Programming: St. Rieck

1. Place 1999
“Little Britain”, Category ISP Graphic & Beam Module
Programming: St. Rieck

Honorable Mention 1999
“Rockafeller Skank”, Category ISP Beam Module
Programming: St. Rieck

3. Place 1998
“The Woof”, Category Abstract
Programming: J. Kleine

1. Place 1997
“Laser Rumble”, Category Special Application
Programming: Team LA


ILDA Award
“PCAOM Driver II”, Category New Product



1000th Coherent Genesis TAIPAN Laser Sold

September 2021

In February 2022, LaserAnimation Sollinger was honored by COHERENT for 1,000 Coherent Genesis TAIPAN lasers, which LaserAnimation Sollinger had acquired from COHERENT and integrated into its laser systems. The 1,000 mark was reached in September 2021, but the award was postponed to spring 2022 due to the corona pandemic. LaserAnimation has been a certified system integrator of Coherent® Genesis Taipan laser modules since 2008.
ISO 9001:2015

Since 2007

Our quality management system for the development and manufacture of laser systems for events and scientific-technical purposes is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Our customers set the standard for quality – Your judgment of our quality is decisive.
Constantly ensuring or continuously increasing customer satisfaction is one of the top principles of our company.

The quality of the processes and products as well as the qualification of the employees must be therefor interact optimally. LaserAnimation pursues this comprehensive understanding of quality under the term quality management.

We want to set standards in the industry with the quality and safety of our products!

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate 2022-2025


  1. 1984
    Dipl.-Phys. Michael Sollinger, as a member of a research group at Technische Universität (TU) Berlin, meets with laser artist Paul Earls of MIT, Institute of Advanced Visual Studies, and inspired by this meeting begins developing a laser show controller on an Apple II home computer.
  2. 1985
    Foundation of LaserAnimation. The prototype “”Lasergraph II” is presented for the first time at the SIB Show in Rimini by ACR Switzerland and in the same year the first five “Lasergraph II” are delivered.
  3. 1992
    LaserAnimation becomes LaserAnimation Sollinger GmbH with the shareholders Michael Sollinger and Peter Jakubek. Associated with this is a realignment of the company with a focus on research & development and the manufacture of laser show devices that are to be sold through sales partners.
  4. 1997
    Launch of the “Accurate” projector based on the CTI 6800 scanners with SMD drivers and integrated Scan Fail Safety function developed and manufactured by LaserAnimation. Lasergraph DSP can now also be connected to a PC via an Ethernet network. The first website of LaserAnimation Sollinger GmbH goes online for the first time with
  5. 2001
    By 2001, over 50 Lasergraph DSP compact controllers, 200 Lasergraph DSP workstations, 300 Accurate projectors and more than 700 fiber optic systems had been sold. LaserAnimation becomes a member of the IAAPA organization and receives 6 “Artistic” ILDA Awards.
  6. 2002
    Start of development of the later BLITZ series, based on Jenoptik OEM laser modules and with the aim of developing a compact all-in-one projector with an integrated DPSS laser diode, scanner unit and internal laser show controller. Presentation of the new BLITZ projector at the ILDA conference in Florida, USA.
  7. 2005
    Market launch of the first DMX-controlled head-moving laser system “BLITZ Stage” with integrated grating module and delivery of the 150th BLITZ projector.
  8. 2008
    Launch of the next generation of laser show controllers “compact Mark 2” and “workstation Mark 2”, LaserAnimation becomes a certified system integrator of Coherent® Genesis Taipan laser modules and development of a new method for stacking (stacking) of low-power laser diodes
  9. 2010
    LaserAnimation SOLLINGER GmbH is celebrating its 25th anniversary with 12 permanent employees and as one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality laser projectors and laser show controllers.
  10. 2011
    In 2011 the compact “PHAENON RGB Basic” with RGB output power of 2.5 – 5.5W is launched and LaserAnimation is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 for the first time.
  11. 2014
    With the Lasergraph DSP travel, a new, smart laser show controller in a plastic housing for mobile applications is launched.
  12. 2015
    The prototype of the PHAENON accurate, the first RGB laser projector in a carbon housing, is presented and the Lasergraph DSP playback is launched on the market. The inexpensive player for DSP shows makes large setups with several Lasergraph DSP controllers more economical.
  13. 2019
    In addition to the availability and use of AVB devices, the new feature for digital geometrical correction and mapping for laser projectors is coming to market.
  14. 2022
    LaserAnimation Sollinger GmbH takes over Ray Technologies GmbH, better known under its RTI brand. LaserAnimation Sollinger and Ray Technologies complement each other both in the product portfolio and in the market segments, the number of employees increases to over 50. LaserAnimation receives an award for over 1,000 integrated Taipan laser sources.
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