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Laser shows, beam shows, live laser shows and multimedia laser shows in closed rooms and indoor areas are among the best known forms of use of show lasers and in this context especially as a fixed installation in discotheques, clubs and nightclubs. Discos and clubs rely on this special form of entertainment of the audience since the emergence of show lasers and use lasers in combination with music to create the right atmosphere in the discotheque or club. The great advantage of fixed laser installations is that the laser light setup does not have to be set up anew for each event and removed again after the event. Nevertheless, the flexibility remains. With the help of laser control software, the laser projectors can be used in a focused way, with pre-programmed laser shows that can be started easily or with live laser shows where a light jockey or an LJ controls the laser systems individually. Especially with live laser shows, the LJ can react to the mood of the audience and he can choose the type of laser output (single beams, laser fans, laser tunnels, laser grids, etc.) as well as the laser colors. LaserAnimation Sollinger has laser systems that are particularly well suited for indoor use, in discotheques and clubs, and in addition they need only little maintenance, they are compact and robust.

0 W - 600 W
0 W - 200 W
0 W - 6 W
-0.5 W - 170 W
-0.2 W - 280 W


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