Concerts, Musicals, Theater

Concerts, musicals and theaters often have in common that in the shows and performances accents are to be set and for this purpose additional effects, such as laser effects of RGB lasers or single-color lasers are often used. These projectors are particularly suitable for use as concert lasers, musical lasers or theater lasers. Especially in choreographies, concerts, musicals, theater plays and other such productions, emotions and their communication play a central role. With the help of show lasers, the creation of specific emotions can be supported and intensified in a wonderful way. The color laser spectrum can be adjusted to match the music, the scene or the act, whether with laser graphics, laser patterns, single beams or even laser fans. Laser gratings can also be used. LaserAnimation has gained a lot of experience over many years and it is a competent partner when it comes to which lasers are particularly suitable for use in concert halls, opera houses, musicals, theaters and festival halls. Concert lasers, music lasers and theater lasers not only have the special feature of being able to create emotions, but the laser beams and laser shapes can directly involve the audience in the event and let them become part of the whole, so that the production will remain an impressive memory in the mind of the visitor for a long time.

0 W - 600 W
0 W - 200 W
0 W - 6 W
-0.5 W - 170 W
-0.2 W - 280 W


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