Prolight & Sound 2010

"The Four Seasons" Show

Venue Type:
Large-scale Events
Indoor Areas, Fixed Installations, Night Clubs, Clubs
Small and Medium Sized Applications, Mobile Applications, Trade Fairs
Frankfurt, DE
Device use:

5 x PHAENON laser projectors
2 x BLIZZARD laser projectors
7 x Lasergraph DSP

Project Description

A stunning laser and multimedia show named “The Four Seasons” which had disclosed the outstanding features of our PHAENON full color laser projectors was centered during LaserAnimation’s presentation.

The fascinating interaction of laser beams, water fountains, video projections and light effects with a fitting music mix was enthusiastically received by the audience and captured the attention of guests from all over the world.

Technical Implementation

An extensive setup with a scribing water screen, five laser projectors for beams, two laser projectors for graphics and some other units ensured a successful performance.



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