Large-scale Events

The number of large-scale events seems to be continuously increasing in many parts of the world and so is the complexity of these mass events, which more and more often rely on an impressive show including the use of lasers. There are hardly any large events where show lasers cannot be integrated into the event in an outstanding way. Whether open air events, Olympic Games and World Championships, festivals and concerts or other huge events, laser systems can be used individually to suit the type of large-scale events. Whether RGB lasers or single-color lasers, laser projectors are always eye-catchers at events. Show laser systems can also be ideally combined and coordinated with other effects and effect means, such as music, fire, fog, video, water, fireworks, etc. in so-called multimedia shows. The spectators are thus offered an impressive entertainment that goes far beyond the core of the large-scale event. LaserAnimation Sollinger has a product portfolio with various, powerful, partly several hundred watts strong, high-end laser systems, which are very well suited for large events and mega events. Due to the well thought-out design, the diverse application possibilities and the robustness of the laser projectors, which are manufactured in Germany, even challenging projects can be realized and become reality.

0 W - 600 W
0 W - 200 W
0 W - 6 W
-0.5 W - 170 W
-0.2 W - 280 W


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