Festival of Lights 2014

Opening Event in the Berlin Dome

Venue Type:
Outdoor, Sky- and Landmark
Large-scale Events
Concerts, Musicals, Theater
Berlin, DE
Device use:

4 x PHAENON X laser projectors
1 x BLIZZARD laser projector with wide angle lense
1 x Lasergraph DSP compact Mark 2 controller
1 x Lasergraph DSP workstation Mark 2 controller with 4 projector outputs

Project Description

This year the popular “Festival of Lights” (10 to 19 October 2014) celebrated its tenth anniversary in Berlin.

As a special event for the opening the concert “LUMISSIMO” was staged at the Berliner Dom for the second time on 10 and 11 October.
The well-known composer Ralf Light performed popular pieces of classical music on his laser harp, together with the dome’s Sauer-organ. In addition well-known singers and musicians presented various melodies.
All of this was framed in an impressive laser show designed by Stephan Rieck and Jürgen Kleine.



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