Laser installation at Rama VIII Bridge in Bangkok, Thailand

Venue Type:
Outdoor, Sky- and Landmark
Bangkok, TH
Device use:

1 x RTI NANO 4 RYGB 22 and 2 x RTI PIKO G10

Project Description

One of RTI’s newest permanent laser installations has recently been installed on the Rama VIII Bridge in the Thai capital of Bangkok. Due to the high humidity and extreme temperatures that prevail in Bangkok and the constant vibrations caused by traffic on the bridge, special equipment was required. Therefore, RTI was asked to put this plan into action.

RTI installed the following laser systems:

1 x RTI NANO 4 RYGB 22 and
2 x RTI PIKO G10

The RTI NANO 4 RYGB has an output power of approx. 20,000mW, the green single-color laser systems RTI PIKO G10 have an output power of approx. 10,000mW per system. All projectors were installed in an RTI COCOON air-conditioning housing. This climate housing was developed to protect the lasers against external environmental influences and at the same time to ensure the ideal operating temperature for the devices.
The laser show tells a story about the King of Thailand and the bridge itself. Residents and tourists can listen to the story through audio transmissions on tourist boats, which are told using the lasers and other lighting systems.
The complete project was designed by Lighting; Equipment Bangkok realized.



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