Art Installation @ End of Nations 2023

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Art Projects
Berlin, DE
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Project Description

INVERSION is an art installation that was shown in the old “Kesselhallen” (boiler halls) of the Monopol Distillery, from 26.05.2023 – 28.05.2023. The Monopol Distillery is a former distillery in Berlin – Reinickendorf, which originally also housed the Federal Monopoly Administration for Brandy and now hosts art exhibitions, performances, conferences and more.

The site-specific art installation INVERSION took place in the context of the multimedia art exhibition “End of Nations 2023” and aimed to recreate the meanwhile dismantled distillation kettles with the help of laser beams and LED pixel strips.

The laser mapping of the floor structure symbolized the energy that used to flow at this location. We would like to thank David Egger for providing the information and images. We would also like to thank the following copyright holders for providing the images: David Egger, Theresa Reiwer, Carlos H. Juical A. & Harshini.

Technical Implementation

In order to be able to visualize the distillation boilers, which have been removed in the meantime, the laser beams of a PHAENON XD mini were diffracted and additional LED pixel strips were integrated. For setup, the installation team used the LA.toolbox software and MAD Laser for the content. AVB (USB2AVB) was used as the control protocol. David Egger and his team chose a PHAENON XD because of the precision of the devices, the color accuracy and the size as well as the extensive color range (especially pastels and deep blue tones). The speed of the scanners was also a decisive criterion.


Pictures: David Egger, Theresa Reiwer, Carlos H. Juical A. & Harshini


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