Outdoor, Sky- and Landmark

Show laser systems that are used outdoors for outdoor laser shows, as sky lasers or landmark lasers, must meet special requirements in order to fulfill the high expectations of the laser spectacle. It is essential for an outdoor laser to run perfectly even in harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, at very high or low temperatures. Humidity can also affect a laser show, beam show or laser graphics show if the laser projector is not designed for it. The IP protection class is especially important for laser operation in relation to rain, splashing water and humidity. In very many cases, outdoor lasers also require high laser power, as the laser beams often need to be visible over longer distances. This is not only the case for festival lasers or laser show lasers. Increasingly, show lasers are also used as skylasers, also known as landmark lasers, which shine from afar into the night sky or are directed at prominent buildings or landscape formations. Such laser projections magically attract the eyes of the often astonished viewer. With its lasers of the LaserAnimation and RTI brands, LaserAnimation Sollinger offers many laser systems that are perfectly suited for open-air operations and furthermore LaserAnimation Sollinger has weather protection housings for laser projectors in its product portfolio which protect against the effects of the weather and at the same time guarantee the use of the laser.

0 W - 600 W
0 W - 200 W
0 W - 6 W
-0.5 W - 170 W
-0.2 W - 280 W


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