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High visibility thanks to yellow OPSL


High visibility thanks to yellow OPSL

Built with the latest RTI semiconductor laser module technology and a yellow Coherent Taipan OPSL module!

The RTI PIKO RYGBs are compact show laser systems in a robust, dust-proof housing. The high-end show lasers are ideal for highly professional laser show applications of all kinds. The projectors are completely manufactured in Germany and are built with the latest RTI semiconductor laser modules and a yellow OPSL module for even better visibility. The PIKO RYGB 40 comes with a green OPSL module, while the PIKO RYGB 42 comes with a more powerful RSL module.

These new RSL modules with their very low divergence and a homogeneous beam shape make the RTI PIKO RYGBs highly professional laser systems. The small beam diameter of only approx. 5.0 mm enables the use of small scanner mirrors with less inertia, which enables high scanning speeds.

The standard scanners can be operated with a maximum scan speed of 45 kpps @8° ILDA and a maximum scan angle of 50°. CT-6210 scanners with Turboscan drivers are optionally available, enabling even higher scanning speeds of up to 60kpps at ILDA 8°.

The emergency stop signal can be looped through the interlock through connection and only one emergency stop switch is required for several devices. Control signals can be looped through directly via the network switch, which is also integrated.

The powerful RTI PIKO RYGBs are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, e.g. at concerts, festivals and other major events. Demanding graphic projections and projections over long distances are no problem for these devices thanks to the low divergence.


Wavelength 638-639 nm 520-530 nm 445-450 nm 577-590 nm
PIKO 40 RYGB 40 8 10 22 6
PIKO 42 RYGB 42 8 13 22 6
Control Modes

FB4 MAX with ILDA, LAN (Software), DMX, ArtNET, automatic

45kpps ILDA 8°, max. 50°
0,7 mrad
Beam Specs
5 mm
L 49,1 cm x W 27,1 cm x H 29,6 cm
28 kg
IP Rating
Scope of Delivery
Incl. waterproof flightcase, interlock connector, key, power cable, manual,; full version Showeditor software license included


  • 40 – 42 W guaranteed power according to optics (depending on model)
  • Modern RTI semiconductor laser module technology (RSL) for a very good beam profile in RGB
  • Yellow Coherent Taipan OPSL
  • Green Coherent Taipan OPSL (PIKO RYGB 40)
  • Maintenance-free laser modules
  • Integrated touch display for adjusting the basic functions
  • Integrated network switch for looping through the control signal
  • FB4-QS MAX integrated by default
  • Robust, roadworthy case with 360° bracket with quick release system
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