Prolight & Sound 2011

This year LaserAnimation emphasized it's status as one of the world's leading manufacturers of laser show equipment, presenting it's wide range of laser projectors PHAENON, BLITZ and BLIZZARD as well as laser show controllers of the Mark 2 series.

In addition the company introduced a new technology for 3D-projections, which works with shutter glasses and offers a new laser show experience to the audience.

One high point of the trade fair was the receipt of the "250+units" award, presented by Coherent to LaserAnimation as one of the best distribution partners on the first day of the fair.

Two laser shows were at the center of the trade fair presentations:

  1. "Saving Nody" - a laser and multi-media show produced by LaserAnimation representing the concern and work of the "Borneo Orangutan Survival" or BOS, which our company supports actively.
  2. "Phill" - Photonic Illusion - 3D laser performance produced by "Laserforum" from the Netherlands.

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