BLITZ Lasergrid

The BLITZ Grid consists of a number of single laser units with one single-colored laser source, one or more power supply unit(s) and accessories (Remote box, Lasergrid patch connection cables etc.).

The single laser units are flexibly applicable. It is possible to install them on the ceiling, on the wall or on truss and to daisy chain them in a horizontal and/or vertical line.

Each laser module generates a linear beam and all modules together form an impressive laser grid with their parallel laser beams.
Each laser unit can be individually controlled by DMX (dimming).

Number and design of the single components can be individually customized.


Specifications Laser Module

Default laser sources:

  • Green laser diode 520 nm, 1000 mW laser output @ source
  • Blue laser diode 445-450 nm, 1600 mW laser output @ source
  • Type: CW PWM modulated, laser class 4

Laser diodes with or without beam shaping can be integrated.

  1. Beam parameters with beam shaping:
    Divergence 0,25 mrad x 0,75 mrad, beam diameter 4,0 mm x 6,5 mm
  2. Beam parameters without beam shaping:
    Divergence 0,25 mrad x 2,30 mrad, beam diameter 3,5 mm x 2,0 mm

Equipped with:

  • Dust and waterproof housing, protection type: IP 65
  • Fine-thread screws for precise alignment (Tilt/Pan) of the laser beam
  • Stable yoke for comfortable attachment (can be screwed off)
  • Antireflex coated laser output window
  • Waterproof as well as reverse polarity protected connectors to connect the modules among each other
  • Dimensions with yoke: 149 mm x 144 mm (W x H)
  • Weight: Approx. 1 kg
  • Material: Aluminum black anodized → other colors on request


Specifications Power Supply

The power supply provides the necessary supply voltage for all connected modules in one chain as well as the DMX interface for DMX control.
Additional it implements the central e-stop (Interlock) in connection with the Remote box.
The connection of daisy chained emergency stop systems is possible.

Approximately 10 laser modules with connecting cables of 3 to 5 meters length can be connected to one power supply unit.
Generally, the application of an additional power supply as booster is recommended. Due to power losses on the patch cables it is better to refresh the power line after a few modules. This keeps the output power constant on all connected modules.

Default Connectors Power Supply:

  • AC mains connector powerCON TRUE1
    universal input 85 VAC - 264 VAC, 50 Hz - 60 Hz
  • DMX IN: 5pin male to connect a DMX signal source
    Note: The booster is not equipped with DMX interface.
  • IN: 6pin male to connect the Remote box
  • OUT: 6pin female to connect the first laser module

Remote Box

  • Contains the key switch to switch the laser ON or OFF for all connected modules in the chain.
  • Provides the E-stop button to stop the laser output for all connected laser modules in the chain.

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