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LaserAnimation Sollinger launches the Software Suite

The software suite is the latest software development from LaserAnimation Sollinger that opens up new possibilities for recording and playback of data streams and shows as well as for laser control. The suite consists of five software programs. All programs are compatible with both PC and Mac.

The software suite includes:

  1. LA.toolbox
    • With, the proven program has been updated.
    • Enables control of important functions and setting of operating values.
    • Compatible with LaserAnimation Sollinger PHAENON laser projectors as well as RTI PIKO and RTI NANO devices (from 2023).

  2. LA.recorder
    • Records incoming AVB streams and external ILDA signals.
    • Saves the recordings in AIFF format.
    • Files can be uploaded to laser projectors via LA.toolbox and played back via LA.player.

  3. LA.player
    • Plays AIFF files and shows.
    • Allows outputting shows as AVB streams.
    • Supports AIFF files created with LA.recorder or other software exports (e.g. Touchdesigner).

  4. LA.preview
    • Visualization tool for recorded files.
    • Useful for recording incoming streams.
    • Activates the data feed source in LA.player and LA.recorder.

  5. LA.timecode
    • Displays Net timecode data and timecodes sent by LA.recorder or LA.player.

Find out more about the Software Suite, including detailed program descriptions, explanatory videos, software license information and system requirements here: – all details

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