Laser on Horn Loudspeakers 2011

At the Traunreuter Lichternacht (night of lights) event in September 2011 the sound system will include huge horn loudspeakers "Realhorns", which will impress the audience with their colossal size and excellent sound quality.

To set the stage for these exceptional horns the idea of also using them as objects for laser projections was born. Therefore the team installed a full color laser projector from our PHAENON RGB series at the rehearsal setup for the Lichternacht which allowed an impressive implementation of the idea, as the picture samples from the test setup show.

The Traunreuter Lichternacht will take place on September 9th 2011 on the market in Traunreut.

Team for the loudspeaker and laser/light installation:

  • High-end horn loudspeakers made by A. Plodek
  • Lightconsulting: U. Hasler
  • Laser installation: Y. Herrnberger, LaserAnimation SOLLINGER GmbH

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