Laser Beams over Vladivostok 2012

Our Russian distributor laserkinetics implemented a spectacular laser installation in the far-east town of Vladivostok.

Four laser systems were installed on four pylons of an inner city bridge of 321 meters height each. The installation was a massive undertaking with considerable logistical effort.

Of course there were very special requirements for these laser systems:

  • Green Lasers with 20 Watts of output each are to provide the necessary laser power.
  • The laser projectors can be controlled by network only.
  • Each laser projector has to be encased in a weather- and water proof outdoor housing with bird defense.
  • The whole system has to be able to withstand climatic impacts such as freezing temperatures in winter, intense sunlight, precipitation of all kinds, high winds and thunderstorms.
  • Each projector has to be adjusted perfectly on delivery. Subsequent adjustment works in a height of 300 meters are not possible.


This was a huge challenge which we as manufacturer had to master successfully:

  • Four BLITZ Basic projectors with two green Coherent laser diodes with 10 Watts each were integrated into special weather proof outdoor housings.
  • Each housing was additionally fitted with different devices and control units for network control, lightning protection and temperature monitoring.
  • The four projectors are interconnected via Wi-Fi for network operation and are controlled via UMTS through a VPN tunnel.
    For remote controlling of the laser projectors via network wireless access points, antennas and VPN routers of  the German company LANCOM Systems have been applied.

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