DEEP WEB is over, but it is still in our minds! After six very exiting weeks, where summer was at its height and Kraftwerk Berlin was a good place to cool down while watching the audiovisual installation, DEEP WEB came to an end.

With 12 of our PHAENON X laser projectors and 175 moving ballons Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke turned the place into an abstract scene like from a movie. In the DEEP WEB exhibition, the audience could experience a 30-minute cycles of patterns and sound scapes. The laser projection was tuned to the movement of the ballons and depending on your own position in the room you could immerse into the sea of lights or observe the magic light creature from afar.

In the live performance Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke controlled the huge audiovisual installation and played the show to its limits.

Watch this video with interviews by Christopher Bauder, Robert Henke und Michael Sollinger:

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