RaseR Laser

Introducing, the next level in entertainment laser sources...

The fiber laser system feature outstanding beam quality due to extremely low divergence. The RaseR provides a far crisper,  tighter and brighter projection.
It is especially suitable for medium and long throw applications (such as theme parks, open air events and laser billboards).

Default wavelengths / output powers:

  1. 628 nm / 3 W  
  2. 532 nm / 5 W


  • World’s lowest M2 multi-watt / multi-wavelength entertainment laser source
  • Excellent linear analog modulation up to 50+kHz
  • Low power consumption
  • Long lifetime / lower cost of ownership compared to many other sources
  • Multiple interfaces RS-232, RS-485, USB & 'Can Bus'
  • Access to commands allows for custom monitoring / control & remote panels
  • Onboard ‘Auto-Tuning’ feature to ensure maximum lifetime performance
  • Zero maintenance, sealed optical cavity
  • Additional wavelengths available on request: 560 nm, 570 nm, 580 nm, 595 nm, 620 nm, 642 nm

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