Universiade Kasan 2013

Eröffnungszeremonie für neue Sportarena mit einzigartigen Lasereffekten

Outdoor, Sky- und Landmark


Unser russischer Vertiebspartner Laser Kinetics realisierte eine spektakuläre Installation für die imposante Multimediashow, die zur Eröffnungszeremonie der Universiade 2013 in der dafür erbauten Sportarena in Kasan (Russland) gezeigt wurde.
Dazu ein Auszug aus dem Artikel „Kazan Arena Opening Ceremony Features Laser Effects From Inside an Unique Sphere“ von A. Zuck, Coherent Inc. (Originalfassung in „Mondo dr“ Ausgabe Juli/August 2014)

„… the heart of the 2013 Summer Universiade opening ceremony was a large (8 meter diameter) PVC (polyvinylchloride) sphere, nicknamed the ‚Magic Sphere.‘

Located at the center of the show, the sphere was suspended in a way that allowed it to move and rotate during the ceremony. Eight laser projectors were set inside a three meter diameter sphere, which was itself placed within this larger sphere. The lasers were arranged to project their beams radially out towards the inner surface of the spheres. The purpose of this unique setup, concepted by Laserkinetics Multimedia, was to create the brightest possible graphics on the sphere by having light directed out towards the audience. But just as important, scattering of the light by both inner and outer spheres and careful focusing of the lasers, meant that there was no risk whatsoever of laser beams directly reaching the audience.

Four of the projectors used were LaserAnimation BLITZ Basics, each equipped with two Coherent Taipan lasers rated at 10 watts each. The other four projectors were also LaserAnimation BLITZ Basics, but these were each powered by just one 10 watt Coherent Taipan laser.

Although Taipan lasers are available with a full choice of colors (red, green, blue and yellow), all the lasers used in this installation were at the same green (532 nanometer) wavelength. This was done because it was decided to emphasize spectacularly intense brightness levels, with 120 watts of single-color laser power, rather than full-color laser effects.

According to Laserkinetics, the BLITZ projector and Taipan laser combination provided three key benefits for this 2013 high-profile show: reliability, compact packaging, and electrical efficiency.
‚Laser reliability is very important in any light show, but unlike at an amusement park where occasional glitches may be accepted, reliability is absolutely vital in one time events like this opening ceremony. You only get one chance to do it right, so 100% reliability is needed; even 99.9% is not good enough.‘ … „

Technische Umsetzung

Kernstück der multimedialen Inszenierung von Laser Kinetics war die zentral positionierte s.g. „Magic Sphere“ mit wunderschönen Lasereffekten, die aus dem Innenraum einer transparenten PVC Kugel projiziert wurden.



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