New Products
Launch of the RTI ANGO

A new laser system from the RTI brand was presented to the public for the first time after LaserAnimation Sollinger had taken over Ray Technologies GmbH with its RTI brand. The new RTI ANGO 600 impresses with its extreme RGB -An incredible 600 watts of full color laser power. The high-performance laser with analog modulation creates a convincingly bright white and beyond that millions of color nuances. The special thing about the RTI ANGO 600 is the mobility of the laser beam, because the beam can be moved on the X and Y axes with the help of a special deflection head. The low beam divergence of the RTI ANGO 600 of only 1.0 mrad ensures that the bundled power of the laser beam is retained, which means that visibility is maintained even over long distances. The high-power laser can be controlled via DMX or ArtNET, automatic operation is also possible. The RTI ANGO 600 and the less powerful version RTI ANGO 300 with 300 watt laser power have been designed for outdoor use. The IP64 devices are ideally suited as a landmark or sky laser, for example to set a light signal that can be seen from afar in the night sky, which can be used as a signpost, as a marker for a building, an event, an attraction and much more. serves. The two RTI ANGO laser systems open up completely new application possibilities.

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