Software Updates
New LGRemote-Release

There is a new release for LGRemote with the following changes:

  • The ‘External Connect’ mechanism now also supports OSC.

  • LGServer: Minor GUI changes.

  • Bugs and security issues within the 3rd-party libraries have been fixed.

Advanced explanation about “External Connect” via OSC:

If in “Modes” “External Connect” is activated, LGRemote can be connected via OSC to any Lasergraph DSP.

Please note:

OSC-Port: 8000
OSC-Address: /Connect

The required Lasergraph DSP is sent either by its NetBIOS name or by its IP address as OSC string.

One example of a possible application is LGControl.

The configuration of a button could look like this:

Via IP address:

In the following sample video, the buttons that use the new feature are named “Left”, “Center” and “Right”.

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