Laser Star Mapping & Sound Experience

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Madremanya, ES

Project Description

ASTRES is a research project initiated by Playmodes Studio at the interface of art and science. The aim of the project is to highlight the beauty of the cosmos as a universal heritage beyond human existence and civilization. This is done by creating a new immersive audiovisual experience using laser mapping, spatial audio and the stars of the night sky. The project began after the COVID19 lockdown. The energy crisis that followed and the onset of climate change were the catalysts. The world is changing and new ways of understanding immersive experiences in an environmentally friendly event were sought. Relationships with audiences, artistic expression and technological experimentation with nature are being redefined. The view of the firmament is closely linked to the evolution of humanity. In ancient civilizations, observing the breathtaking spectacle of stars in the dark sky, people found a way to understand time, predict the seasons, and create calendars. The sky became the divine realm of gods and goddesses, and was later used by science to develop global navigation techniques, including the conquest of space and orbital telecommunications.

Technical Implementation

ASTRES was developed by Playmodes Studio in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). The collaboration began with a group of students who spent a semester working on the calibration of the laser projections to precisely align the laser beams with the stars in the sky. A later collaboration with Francesc Rey, professor at the Barcelona School of Telecommunications (ETSETB), focused on precisely aligning the laser scanners with the stars in real time, calibrating it and defining its orientation in the sky. Eloi Maduell and Santi Vilanova from Playmodes Studio chose a modified PHAENON Blitz Rainbow laser projector from LaserAnimation for its beam quality and artistic sensitivity. It was controlled via ILDA and AVB.


Pictures: @playmodesstudio


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