Wings of Time 2014

"Wings of Time"

The spectacular project "Wings of Time" was realized by the French Company ECA2 on the small Sentosa island, a leisure paradise 10km south of Singapore.

This is a permanent live show combining video mapping with all other multi-media effects - pyrotechnics, water fountains, flame effects, light, sound and of course laser.

The laser was wonderfully designed by our friend Claude Lifante.

The "Wings of Time" opening celebration took place on June 17th 2014 on Siloso Beach.

The whole set was constructed in the ocean.
The projection surface consists of eight triangles and one central diamond shape, mounted on a framework six meters above sea level. The arrangement of the individual shapes resembles the wings of a bird, which plays the central role in the show.

This projection front is 55 meters long and 12 meters high in total.

Together with our Belgian distributor LSE we supported this project by providing the necessary laser technology. There are a total of eight projectors built by us installed on location:

  • 4 Full color laser projectors PHAENON X Pro (ROGB and OGB) each with 15 W included grating module. The orange laser sources gives a special warm look.
  • 4 Single color laser projectors BLITZ, installed 7 years ago for the show "Songs of the Sea" are used again and still in good shape.

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