White Architecture No. 1 2013

Laser Installation by Roland Burkart

White Architecture No. 1

Between March  13 and 24, 2013 the MaximiliansForum in Munich presented the installation "White Architecture No. 1" by artist Roland Burkart.

" ' White Architecture No. 1' consists of a white laser wall which divides the exhibition space in its length into two symmetric parts. The width corresponds to the measurement of the space. The visual boundary set in this way can be physically crossed and is automatically switched off at the moment of crossing." (Cit. MUENCHNERARCHITEKTUR.COM)

R. Burkart has closely collaborated with LaserAnimation since the first presentation of this project in 2012.

Applicated units:

  • 2 BLIZZARD laser projectors
  • 2 Lasergraph DSP compact  Mark  2

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