Sofia National Opera And Ballet 2017

Opera "Parsifal"
Scenography: Numen + Ivana Jonke

The scenography team has used the special features of laser light to emphasize the symbolism especially in the final of the opera during the performance.
We have supported the team by providing the necessary equipment and our know-how.

Nine BLIZZARD laser projectors were mounted on truss above the stage. One PHAENON X laser projector was placed on a rack in the middle of the stage.
In the finale, nine white laser beams formed a bright structure similar to a chalice by circular movement around each other. This laser figure has symbolized the "holy grail". 


Installed Systems

  • BLIZZARD Basic
    Dual color laser projectors equipped with blue and yellow laser sources for applications requiring mainly pure white laser light.
  • PHAENON X RYGB 30000
    High-end full color laser projector based on red and blue laser diode modules manufactured by LaserAnimation combined with yellow and green Genesis Taipan OPSL with built-in Lasergraph DSP controller as well as grating module
  • Lasergraph DSP
    Professional laser show controller

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