Disneyland Paris 2012

Multimediashow "Disney Dreams"

The European "Disneyland" near Paris has celebrated its 20th birthday in 2012 with a lot of amazing attractions.
One highlight was the new night show "Disney Dreams" on Sleeping Beauty Castle where the audience can enjoy the world-famous Disney stories in combination with magic colors, lights, laser projections, fountains and fireworks.

Our sales partner Laser System Europe LSE was responsible for the laser installation.

Three full color laser projectors of our PHAENON AT series as well as a laser projector with two yellow laser sources in a weather-proof housing labeled as "Second Star" have created the impressive laser effects.
The "Second Star" has beaming in crisp yellow from the tower of the castle every night.


  • 3 PHAENON AT laser projectors
  • 1 BLIZZARD in weather-proof housing equipped with two yellow laser sources

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