Deep Web 2016

Deep Web is a monumental immersive light art installation and live performance.

Deep Web Awards

  • ILDA award 2016: 1st place, category 'Laser Fine Art'
  • darc award / architectural 2016: Winner, category 'Art (Light Art)'

The world premiere of Deep Web (February 2nd - 7th 2016) as part of the CTM festival in Berlin was an overwhelming success. Deep Web was originally commissioned by the Festival of Lights Lyon 2015 in cooperation with local producer Tetro. Due to the festival’s cancellation after the attacks in Paris, Berliners could enjoy this exclusive preview.

A matrix of 175 water-filled fluorescent spheres hanging on motorized winches together with the beams from 12 high-power PHAENON X laser projectors formed a structure of lines and dots hovering in space with ever changing colors and movements. The laser-lit spheres moved in synchronous choreography with the composition (8 channel surround sound) by R. Henke.
Each laser projector was responsible for targeting 91 spheres. They were controlled by  internal Lasergraph DSP's receiving position data of the spheres by OSC messages and color informations  by ARTNET data. A specialized Lasergraph DSP software tool sent the laser beams precisely to the requested positions.

The shining, constantly changing structure with a total length of 25 meters and height of 10 meters, in connection with the electronic sounds created an impressive artistic visualization of the workings of digital networks with their nodes and connections. The spectacular industrial architecture of the Kraftwerk Berlin was the perfect venue for this installation.

Deep Web Details

 Quantity Detail Note
 1 Location Kraftwerk Berlin
 2 Artists Robert Henke (composer)
Christopher Bauder (ligthing artist)
 5 Days  
 12 Laser projectors
Manufactured by LaserAnimation SOLLINGER GmbH
 66 Laser modules

Manufactured by Coherent Inc.

 91 Spheres Addressed by one laser projector
 175 Winches Manufactured by KINETIC LIGHTS and WHITEvoid GmbH
 320 Watt Total laser power
 > 7000
 ≈ 1200 Pictures and videos
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Deep Web was performed during the "Fête des Lumières" 2016 in Hôtel de Région Rhône-Alpes in Lyon (France).

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